Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Double Feature Saturday Night

Saturday morning I say to H, “I’ve got six volunteer vouchers left which means I can see six more movies”. H says, “You don’t have to use all of them”. Me, “Yes I do!” Due to some Saturday morning commitments I decided to try for a double feature. Saturday night was awards night which only certain people can attend. I was hoping that and the awards party might keep the crowds away from the screenings but the opposite took effect. The Sundance Festival passholders were en masse trying to see as much as possible. My early arrival though guaranteed me a seat at The Music Never Stopped, part of the U.S. dramatic competition and one of my favourite movies of the festival. It is based on a true story in one of Oliver Sacks’ books. J.K. Simmons is in it, who recently played Juno’s dad in the film Juno. What a sweet story. Even the guy sitting next to me was blotting away tears.

The second of the double feature was a documentary called Becoming Chaz. From what I understand Oprah Winfrey caused quite a stir walking down Main Street during the festival. I understand she might have bought the rights to this documentary, which follows Sonny and Cher’s daughter Chastity as she transitions from female to male. It did a pretty good job of answering the obvious questions that everyone has without being too sensational.  I had no plans to try and see this one but several of the other volunteers recommended it.

Unfortunately because it was awards night there were no Q&As as part of these screenings. Before the screening of Becoming Chaz began, the theatre made the no Q&A announcement stating that the filmmaker was not available.  A guy sitting behind me said loud enough for me and the people around to hear, "What about Cher?  We were hoping for Cher."  Nevertheless, it was a good night at the movies.

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