Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anticipation and Preparation

This is the first post documenting our move to England. As you can see from the pic, we are in the thick of selling away our American lives. It's been easier than expected to put a price tag on a belonging and sell it or give it to charity. I'm ready for a new start.
My two good friends B and T came up for the weekend and stood in our living room (nowhere to sit!). B took back some of our things to store like handmade quilts, pottery, and A's sewing machine. We had a great time sitting on our living room furniture in our driveway while total strangers perused through our things and haggled over the price.
I leave on Friday, August 10th while H. and A. continue to get the house ready for sale and A. gets ready to start the seventh grade on the 15th. They plan to stay until the house sells and this will give A. time to hang out with her buddies until she has to make that break. I tell her all the time when she gets sad about leaving that she has a best friend in England waiting for her that doesn't even know she's on her way yet. Change is coming.