Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sundancin' Again

Paperwork approved – I am once again a Sundance volunteer, and will be working as requested, with the same theatre team at the same theatre.  It was such a great group.  I’ve completed a few afternoons of volunteer work already for them as they start prepping for the Festival.  The offices of the Sundance Institute are nestled in a neighborhood a little ways up a mountain in Park City.  There’s a hotel and the base of a ski lift right by the Institute and the first day I went to the office I was early and sat outside with what must have been hotel guests as well as some locals returning  from a hike sitting outside and enjoying a beverage in the bright afternoon sun among the beautiful fall colors.  Literally everyone looked like they’d stepped out of the Eddie Bauer catalog with their rustic but expensive looking clothes. And EVERYONE had a dog, and not mutts, but interesting breeds.  I walked into the beautiful office and again, dogs, a very common accessory in the office.  I know folks who have lived here all their lives are probably over the whole rustic ski lodge interiors, but it’s still fresh and different to me, and the Institute offices are no exception.

A few Fridays ago my volunteer job was to walk and time my walk from one theatre location in Park City to many others so this could all be documented in the transportation map for the festival.  It’s definitely feeling like winter here but the sun is usually out.  How fun to spend the day walking around that beautiful little ski town listening to one of my favorite movie-themed podcasts and help them prepare for the festival.  Not a bad Friday at all.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Me and George Drive the Loop

Sunday morning and everyone is in church.  No need to go there to see the glory of a higher power.  I drove the Alpine Loop a few weeks ago, just me and George Harrison.  I've been listening to All Things Must Pass since watching the new two-part doc and it was the perfect soundtrack.

Fall Color Part One

Every weekend in October I would drive somewhere close by to see the color.  Here are pics taken this year from my favorite spot last year.