Sunday, July 22, 2012

How Long It's Been

So much has happened since I last posted. 1. I left the company that I've worked for just two weeks shy of 20 years for a new opportunity. 2. I finished - hastily due to work commitments - my screenplay and had a scene read aloud last week at our graduation ceremony. 3. Become the parent of a driver, including a fender bender. 4, Started traveling again due to work and working remote from home when I'm not. 5. Cancelled cable television. Number five might seem minor but I've never been shy of my love for television. How have we been surviving? Just fine actually but you'd have to pry my Netflix streaming account from my cold, dead hands. I've been struggling with the new job to find some work/life balance. Working from home is more isolating than I expected, probably because friendships have not really developed to balance the focus of work. Am I responsible for the lack of friends? Yes, I just haven't been interested in devoting the time to seek it out here. Working for the same company so long and in that process, meeting some of my closest friends, I thought it would be so hard to leave. Maybe its because the new opportunity has been all-encompassing, but I've been surprised by how little I've looked back. Is this a statement on the true importance of work in the grand scheme of things?