Friday, February 18, 2011

Convince Yourself That Everything is Alright...

It was a full moon last night

So let me preface this by stating that I in no way think I’m cool, hip, or any of the above terms. I realize more this year than any that I’m lame. Back a few months ago, missing the live show experience and scanning the concert listings in SLC and being very unimpressed with slim pickings I saw that Pete Yorn was going to be in town. Seeing Pete Yorn is kind of like seeing the best parts I remember of St. Louis. K and I went to see him at Vintage Vinyl our favorite record store for an in-store set. We also saw him at our favorite venue, The Pageant, and then our last concert in St. Louis was Pete as we sat on the steps of the Arch. Pete was bringing some of my favorite STL memories to me. How could I not go?

But as I mentioned, I’m lame, and as the snow began to fall as I drove home from work, I began to think I’d just skip the concert and stay wrapped up in a blankie and watch my favorite show, Top Chef All-Stars. I even said to H, “Do you think it’s safe out there?” giving him the opportunity to give me the okay to stay home but he said it looked fine to him, so I bundled up and headed out. It was as if it was meant to be because I got primo parking right in front of the venue (see how lame I am?) I walk in to the opening act, Ben Kweller who very soon after I’m there invites a friend from Salt Lake City to juggle as her performs. I look around at the crowd and think how even the nightlife has a wholesome quality in the SLC. Juggling, really? I could be listening to Anthony Bourdain put a chef in their place at judge’s table.

So I didn’t quite expect the night to turn into Caligula. Let me just say Pete sounded great and he played a lot of the old favorites. For that I wasn’t disappointed and the crazy around me kept me from getting too nostalgic. Was it his strong shoulders and the five o’clock shadow or a hangover from Valentine’s Day that made it seem like everyone standing around me had taken ecstasy before the headliner? In between songs a woman standing next to me howled at the singer, “You make me wet!” After the next song, as Pete said, “This song” and then took a pause. Another lady standing to my right yelled, “Is it called DO ME?!” But the strangest thing and I’m not making this up, was the two very drunk girls to my left who after making a spectacle of themselves, caught the attention of a couple also to my left. The woman in the couple looked like she stepped off the set of a porno and while I can’t say here what was being discussed, let’s just say the four of them were arranging some group activities after the show. Seriously? On a Wednesday night in Salt Lake City in front of a singer/songwriter?

Me, I picked up a ticket to see Adele in May at the box office and was in my pjs by 11:15pm.

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Anonymous said...

i wouldnt call having second thoughts about listening to awful music lame