Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Flat White

Flat Whites are all the rage in the coffee houses in England. The other morning my buddy A and I had our last coffee together and instead of me getting my normal Americano I went for a flat white. We stood at the counter for ages until finally the exhausted barista said to me that she had finally gotten one to look half-way decent. I explained that as long as it had caffeine I didn’t care what it looked like but she said they weren’t allowed to serve them if they didn’t look nice. I told her that I’d take a pic of my flat white so she wouldn’t feel like her work was in vain. I’ve since had a few more and she is right, some baristas can get pretty fancy.


Anonymous said...

It might be obvious to everyone but me, but what makes a flat white?

J said...

It's espresso with heated milk. Think latte without the foam.