Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Something Good Comes From Ash

I’ve mentioned in the past that A is obsessed with Rupert Grint. We waited in vain for him at an awards event and he didn’t show. Every week if not more she has been giving me the update on his new non-Harry Potter film called Cherrybomb which has been trying to find a distributor. When we gave A the ballpark date of our move the first thing she said was, “No! We can’t move then! Cherrybomb is coming out on April 25th.” You can imagine the reaction that generated with H. Our flight was booked for April 19th.

As A was monitoring the Rupert fan sites they announced that in London last night he and a few friends were gathering at a private club in Chelsea for a private screening of the film and she was desperate to go there and see if she could catch a glimpse. Of course her friends couldn’t meet her on such short notice and I agreed to take her down there. Side note, they first announced that it would be held at “a private screening room in West London”. I had no idea until after talking to a friend that there are private screening rooms all over London. We headed down the Kings Road in Chelsea and got to the location. A was the only “fan”. The PR folks and the wait staff at the club were staring at A. I told her to go ask them some details and she got very embarrassed, afraid they were laughing at her. I tried to motivate her by saying that she would never see these people again so go for it. Finally close to 7, a car arrived and she saw a mop of ginger hair which made her gasp super loud, so loud that a guy walking down the street stopped and asked in a concerned voice, “Is everything alright?” She navigated the busy street but by then he had walked in the door. One of the PR ladies turned to A and asked if she wanted something signed. A asked if she could take a quick picture with him so he came outside. Cue the shaking and multiple thanking for coming outside. Rupert replied in a calming tone, “Is-okay, Is-okay” and posed with her with a genuine smile on his face. She swears that will be her Facebook profile pic and phone wallpaper forever!

We watched Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower make their way into the club and then we started the walk to the train station. A hugged me and thanked me for bringing her down. I told her that for the rest of the time we were stuck in flight limbo she had to drop the attitude and every time she got snotty, I was simply going to say “Rupert” and she needed to change her attitude. That lasted about 14 hours.

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Anonymous said...

Fiction couldn't have written a better story. It was fate, no?