Monday, April 19, 2010

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Part 2

Okay, I should be thankful that we have a hotel room and we are not stranded in an airport but I still want to scream.  I was on hold yesterday for almost two hours trying to rearrange flights after ours was cancelled by the airlines.  When the woman told me that Friday was the next available flight I asked her about train or ferry service to Madrid.  She told me that none of the trains were booking tickets.  People had to just show up at the train stations and see what they could get.  People were waiting 13 hours and they were over-selling the trains, which leads to who knows what.  I just started laughing.  I figured this poor woman had probably been yelled at more than once today and what was the point of getting upset.  So here we are stuck until Friday if all goes well in a very tiny hotel room.  Of course A, thinking of only herself was trying to arrange some more time with her friends which lead to a serious argument.

They have wireless in the lobby so I'm going to try and work from here since the journey via public transport would take about 2 hours.  There is the most pain in the ass guest here.  I just listened to him give the waiter a ten minute monologue on how his tea was not strong enough and now he is giving the desk staff a list of five things that are wrong with his room.  That same waiter, seeing me set up shop in the lobby came over and asked me if I'd like a cup of coffee as I work.  Like an angel from heaven, he just brought it over.

So much to write about from last week so I'll have to catch up later.

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping your trip to your new home does not involve a refrigerated semi.