Sunday, October 30, 2011

KGriff Brings It

Months ago I got tickets for me and a friend to see Kathy Griffin.  As the date was approaching it was the only thing that kept me going.  Turns out the Kathy Griffin fan base in SLC is small but mighty.   The show was on a Friday night and I hadn’t realized until that day that the Church of Latter Day Saints was having their general conference weekend Saturday and Sunday in Salt Lake City.  What is general conference?  From what I’ve read in the newspaper and heard from folks, it’s a time for the church leaders to preach to the masses, focusing on a few topics.  The last general conference was kind of controversial because one of the “prophets” (not my word, theirs) gave what was considered a very anti-gay message.  Now people travel from all over to be HERE for general conference.  In fact the person I went with had family friends staying with her from Australia who had travelled here for the conference.  I wondered as the evening approached, would Kathy know she was in town while the Mormon crowds were gathering?  Of course she did.

As my friend M had told me, if you like her Bravo stand up specials, you’ll love her live because she really dishes and there’s no censorship.  Topics of conversation – Michelle Bachman and her husband (especially his clinic), the LDS church, Cher, Kate Winslet, Paula Abdul, Nancy Grace, her autistic dog, and much much more.   I was a little worried that my friend would be offended by something in the show, but she seemed to enjoy it too. 

See the temple in the background
As we were leaving the hall, it was a little strange to be walking down this beautiful winding staircase with that giant temple in the very close distance.  Which two things don’t belong together?  That building and the contents of the show.

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