Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art and Ice Cream

Brigham Young University has an art museum.  I probably would have never stepped on the campus except I heard about this exhibit and wanted to see it myself.  A colleague of mine and I decided to plan to take a long lunch one Friday and go see it.  He was familiar with the campus.  He didn’t go there but grew up in the area and has a family member who works there.  Besides this book art installation, which is composed of 100,000 books and a sight to see, I was very impressed with the rest of the museum.  They had a Picasso, lots of Georgia O’Keefe, some gorgeous western landscapes and a temporary quilt exhibition from Alabama.  I fully expected to walk in and see nothing but religious-based work. 

After we finished up at the museum, we were looking for a place to eat lunch and my friend suggested the creamery on campus.  Little did I know that BYU also has its own dairy run by the students in the agriculture program so the ice cream they serve at the creamery is made from BYU cows.  We used this as an excuse to have ice cream for lunch.  Our conversation tended to focus on what it’s like to have grown up a member of the LDS faith only to now not be part of it.  There is something about being a member of the church when you’re close to headquarters that seems to change the experience, make it more a competition between the members on who can outwardly prove they are following more strictly than their neighbor. 

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