Saturday, July 23, 2011

J Arrives

The Music Never Stopped at Red Butte Garden

A’s best friend from England arrived on Monday night.  She’ll be with us until the first week of August when they both fly to meet J’s family in Singapore.  It’s been great to see her again, she’s such a funny kid.  This week we went to an outdoor screening of a Sundance film at Red Butte Garden which was a beautiful setting although we were freezing.  We also went to see The Decemberists Thursday night.  I liked them better when it was the 80s and they were called R.E.M.   That was part of the free summer concert series in SLC.  Yesterday they went to an amusement/water park all day. 

J’s only observation when we’ve been riding in the car…”there are a lot of fast food restaurants here”.
The Decemberists

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