Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sales, Sales, Sales

There are a few cultural differences here due to the high concentration of Latter-Day Saints in the area: Open Houses for property that’s on the market are usually on Saturday instead of Sunday.  Also Garage Sales/Estate Sales/Rummage Sales are all usually Friday/Saturday, and maybe even on Thursday.  I guess the high number of stay at home moms makes this okay.  Because we need so many things, we’ve been hitting some estate sales but I must admit I’m pretty bad at this.  At estate sales I’m too busy looking at people’s books to figure out the person that once lived here, and the rest of it, I’m not good at looking at a pile of junk and finding the bargain for me.  No instead a few weeks ago I walked out of one of the sales with a 1960’s edition of Life Magazine thinking the cover was so cool I might frame it.  Who am I kidding?  That sounds too much like a project and frankly what I need is silverware, not décor.
And by the way, we've had two closing dates now that haven't happened because of the incompetence of our bank guy and his problem with paperwork, which isn't that supposed to be a banker's specialty?  We are supposed to close Monday and neither of us have any confidence.  It's been the most frustrating bank experience ever. 

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