Saturday, January 15, 2011

Volunteering for Sundance - It Begins

Last weekend was my first weekend volunteering for the Sundance Film Festival. I worked in the box office in Park City. If you live in Summit County, which is where Park City is located, you can register for a timeslot to purchase tickets early. When I arrived for my shift at the box office on Saturday, I was shocked at the number of people. During my shift I probably checked the IDs of about 500 people. The other volunteers were great to work with, especially the veterans who shared lots of festival tips with me. Park City residents in general are posh and usually not year round residents, but just come for ski season. Many of them queued for their tickets directly off the ski slopes still wearing some of their gear.  I've never been to Park City during ski season and when I left the box office on Saturday night and walked down Main Street it had an energy that I'd never experienced there before.  It's really a great place to visit.

Today I’m off to help set up the headquarters for the festival in Park City. I have some additional training to attend this week and they are screening some of the films for volunteers before the festival which I plan to attend. Everything officially kicks off on Thursday and I can’t wait!

If you’re interested in reading about the films being shown at the festival or the festival itself, go here.

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