Saturday, October 2, 2010

Buh-bye Buttah

After force feeding me butter for about a year calling it homework, I get back to the States, get my cholesterol checked and am told by the doctor that no medication is necessary, but through diet and exercise I need to drop my cholesterol by about 30 points. H, on the other hand who has been eating the same things goes and gets his checked and it’s great. Where’s the justice? While I enjoyed every mouthful, it’s time to pay the piper.

Work has been tense and I made a decision when I got back that I would start working on things I could control like the cholesterol bit. A and I have started working out at rec center and I thought I would take it a step further and hire a personal trainer, one rec center has on hand. My first discussion with J went something like this. I can’t afford to hire you for a weekly appointment but I need some accountability and would like someone to help design challenging workouts for me so I’d like to meet with you every month. J is great. She’s perky but not too perky. She’s encouraging but not easy on me. By the end of the workout, I hate her guts. After my first appointment I walked in my bare feet around the house like I had high heels on because my calves were unbelievably sore. It has been a good investment because the exercises she has me do really are things I would have never challenged myself to do. When I’m in the weight room I’m actually out of breath during my workout, something I’ve never experienced before.

So, what’s the end result? I’m a work in progress, LOL. I should be proud that I’ve been making fitness a priority since June, and that’s probably the longest stretch in my life. Have the pounds just melted away? No, but my stress level has decreased. I was doing pretty good cutting back nutritionally until all of the company rolled into town. Now I’m struggling to bring that back in line. I’ll get there.

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