Saturday, May 29, 2010

Will I Be Converted?

I have been asked by friends and family, so is it weird living there? I think everyone may think the whole state of Utah is like the HBO series Big Love. We have been pleasantly surprised with our surroundings in SLC. First, it is truly beautiful. We have had snow this month, which I can hardly believe in May but while it’s warm in the city, the snow-capped mountains and dramatic skies are always nearby.

The area we are living in is definitely more hippy and student than anything else. There’s a Whole Foods grocery store that’s a 5 minute walk from our house and after going in there, A said she had never seen that many dread locks in a grocery store in her whole life. As I walked through the neighbourhood a few weeks ago I noticed a house, arts and crafts style with a big porch on it. There was a girl, university student age, sitting legs crossed on the railing of the porch meditating.

If I feel uncomfortable at all or feel like a minority here it actually more about not being an outdoorsy person. There is so much natural beauty, so many great places to hike, and (I’m told) some of the best snow on the planet. It is easy to spot the outdoor athletic type and let me tell you, they are many. I’ve joked for many years that I like to keep nature as far from me as possible. My friend T got A this Fisher Price lantern when she was a toddler that you put batteries in and turn it on and it lights up and sounds like the nighttime outdoors, crickets included. She said she knew with me as a mom she’d probably never have a camping experience so this was a substitute. Oh T knows me well! I do want to try and ski at least once to see what all the fuss is about, and with all of this natural beauty, with a camera in hand will I change my stand on nature?

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