Saturday, May 29, 2010

School on a Movie Set

Initially because I was told that the school boundaries weren’t as strict here I thought we would look at all the high schools in SLC and let A pick. After being here for just a few days and thinking that out a bit more, I thought she needed to just go to the school that she is districted for since it was only six weeks. She needed to get into a routine and I needed one less decision to make. She’d been off for two weeks for Easter half term and then had spent a week sitting around a London hotel room waiting for our flight. We had all spent a little too much time together by this point.

The school that she started attending was East High. Getting a tour around the school after she registered, A came back saying it looked scary. I joked and said that’s just because she hadn’t seen boys at school for two years and they made is scary. We were directed to go down to the bookstore in the school to get her gym uniform and walked into a gift shop instead. You see East has become a bit of a tourist attraction because they filmed the Disney High School Musical films there. Not only can you buy sweatshirts and t-shirts with the school’s logo on them, you can buy an autographed picture of the cast as well.

Of course for the first week every time I would ask A about school one of those darn High School Musical songs would play in my head. The first week was a little rough because she was so nervous. However, she has enjoyed a little more lax approach by teachers and that she is also ahead of some of the kids. She got moved up in math class to the next grade and when she came home and was telling us how she had showed the class her way of solving some math problem (I shut down on the details since it was trigonometry and she and H had their own private math moment). My response to this story was, “do you need to move up again in math? Is that not the right class?” Her response was a horrific, “Mom, please don’t do that! I’m already the youngest kid in the class.”

According to wikipedia there have been some other notable students at East High – Roseanne Barr dropped out of East, and Patrick Fugit, best known for his role in the movie Almost Famous, went to high school there.

She has also found one good friend, which is all she ever wants.

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