Saturday, May 8, 2010

One Last Pub Quiz

I joined our team at work for one last pub quiz at our local before I left. We came in 4th out of the 18 teams. My only contribution (which I got one wrong) was to name five songs written by the Bee Gees on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack that reached number one in the UK. I made the mistake of thinking of only the songs the Bee Gees sung on that record and not considering that they wrote songs for others. The one I missed, Yvonne Elliman singing If I Can’t Have You.

As we were waiting for the scores to be tallied there was a table of three next to us who had been struggling all night and wondering out loud how they could do better. I leaned over and told them they should look around for another small group that scores well and join forces. One of the women asked me, “Is that what you did?” And I responded, “Yes, I don’t even know these people”.  :)

I will miss the pub quiz for the good company, the atmosphere and realizing week to week how little I knew about English history, sport, and politics.

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