Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Cheese Toasty

There’s a gallery/tea room close to work that I’ve visited once before that I haven’t been to in awhile that I ended up having lunch at two days in a row during my last work week and it’s all because of the weather and the sandwich. They make a cheese toasty (think grilled cheese) with a secret cheese blend and sundried tomatoes and it is super fine. It’s also got a nice seating area outside and when the sun is out, there’s nowhere else you want to be. According to the owner’s website, there’s a ghost in the building. But that won’t keep you away, it’s the “service” of the proprietor might. I asked my friend B at work, “Hey, have you ever eaten at The Drawing Room?” She said no and I went on to tell her that in spite of the service it’s still a good place. That made her laugh and she went on to demonstrate the difference between American service and English service. In her opinion English service is much more (in an accusatory tone) “What do you want?!”

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