Sunday, May 23, 2010


Someone arranged some temporary housing for us for two months and even though it is a bit of a drive, I asked that it be in Salt Lake City instead of closer in Utah Valley to work. Why? Well, if one of us is going to have to drive to and from work I would prefer it be me because of H’s hours and I also figured he would have more opportunity to find something in Salt Lake City. It’s also more liberal and varied there than in the valley where homogeny rules. We are living in the downtown area, close to the university and close to a medical center so there’s lots of students and lots of activity and the housing reminds me a lot of Five Points in Huntsville. We love it. A doesn’t like the house though. It’s a duplex so our side of the house is like a shotgun house where you could open the front door and the backdoor and shoot a gun through it. It’s completely furnished. How funny that we are staying in a duplex, sharing a wall with a neighbor. I thought I had left that behind in England with our semi-detached. We also walked in to find a washer/dryer combo machine. NO!!!! H did one load and nothing dried. At least I have my answer. The combo machine sucks on both continents! I have to find the answer to this question, why are there so many duplexes in downtown SLC? Is it the age of the housing and it was a popular style when all of the housing was built or is it a cultural thing?

We found a Laundromat in the hippy part of town next to a place called Alchemy Coffee, so it’s become our ritual to wash our clothes there on Sunday morning and enjoy a cup of joe. It’s by far the best Laundromat I’ve ever been in with free wi-fi, and humongo machines and this funny mural on the wall of Southern Utah rock formations and flying washing machines. The only other time we’ve ever had to go to a Laundromat on a regular basis was when we had just moved back to the States from Germany and couldn’t afford to buy a washer and dryer. It was so depressing.

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