Saturday, April 10, 2010

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

As the countdown begins, I’ve been thinking of all the things I would have liked to have seen while living here that just won’t happen in the next few weeks. Forget all the trips to mainland Europe I wish we could have taken, what things would have been fun to do right here on our island.

1. Liverpool – Yes, I would have liked to have done all the touristy Beatles things in Liverpool.

2. Hadrian’s Wall – Starting in Newcastle with my camera in hand.

3. Cornwall – Like A, it would have been fun to horseback ride along the beach (minus the horseback riding)

4. The Fat Duck in Bray – Is it worth all the fuss?

5. Wales – There’s a lot of natural beauty and I would have liked to have seen more of it.

6. Ireland – Any and all of it.

7. More Scotland – Would have loved to have gone even further north and also seen more islands.

8. Isle of Man – The pictures of the motorcycle races that happen along the streets in May look amazing.

Two things have stood in the way of us checking things off the list. The first is money. Don’t move to the UK unless you’re independently wealthy, and then if you’re independently wealthy you usually move somewhere else part of the year for the tax shelter, LOL. I believe I have mentioned this here once before but American travel writer Rick Steves proclaims that Americans don’t realize how poor they are compared to Europeans until they travel. Yes, this is so, and having to work for a living just gets in the way of seeing all that you’d like to see. The other thing that’s gotten in the way is travelling with a spoiled teenager. If it doesn’t interest her, she’s not interested, in fact she’s downright rude about it. I said to H last night, I hope at some point she realizes what she’s been like while we’ve been here and what we have been trying to expose her to and what a butt she has been. H assures me in 10 to 15 years’ time it will dawn on her. I don’t know if I can wait that long!

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