Monday, April 5, 2010

Moving Madness

We’ve hit the point in the moving process where we are:

1. Selling off the big items.

2. Packing up the items to ship and then pulling them out of the boxes to use because it’s too soon.

3. Getting rid of inconsequential things.

4. Sitting amongst filth.

We had a four-day weekend here for Easter and besides doing some things for the move, I also wanted to do something fun. Yesterday my internal monologue was so negative that I laughed as I thought of my friend B who, if she could hear me would have said, “You want a little cheese with that whine?” I set out to walking in a nearby wood with a map and H’s phone which has GPS and ended up on such a windy narrow road that for the first time in my life, I was car sick while driving. I didn’t think that was possible. It was Easter Sunday, the sun was making a brief appearance, lots of families were out for a country walk stopping to take pictures of the horses, etc. and I was just annoyed by the whole thing. After a nap the sun was shining bright in the early evening so I ventured out again, but stuck close to home.

I will miss living close to these beautiful houses, which I will never in all my life be able to afford!

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