Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time to Go

The time has come my friends that we will be moving back to the States. We were hoping to leave with the Olympic athletes of 2012 but now for economic and employment reasons, it is best to move along. We will be back in the U.S. by the 26th of April at the latest but it might be sooner depending on how quickly we can get rid of our household goods. We only have a few things of substance and then a lot of IKEA furniture. How do we feel about it? Well, it’s bittersweet. We aren’t moving to a place we’ve lived before, but out west to Utah, so the unknown is once again there. I know the next few weeks will be rushed and full of to do lists and all I really want to do is wander through London until we leave and prepare to say goodbye to a city I so dearly love. More later on what we’ll miss and what we’ll welcome.

What will become of J in the UK? Will it become J NOT in the UK, J in the USA, or just fade away? I was talking to a friend the other day about the move and that was one of the first questions she asked.  I love you Meg!


Poodlebugz said...

WEll, there's always "J in the Land of Big Love..."

I'm very conflicted about your move back to the States. On the one hand, we will be on the same continent, and we might actually get to meet up at some point. But on the other, no more vicarious daily exotic adventures with you, and that makes me sad.

You should keep writing though. I'm sure there's plenty of culture shockage in Utah to make note of...especially since you've been exposed to the world at large.

And, we all need to meet up in Houston and make Matt take us to Aka for happy hour--both of them!

Sarah E said...

You must keep writing -- you're too good to stop. And I'm seriously about this becoming a book. It's just wonderful :)

J said...

Thanks for the support and feedback!

Aaron and Erica said...

Oh my word...I'm just catching up on your blog! I had no idea you were moving back to the States!! I'm glad to read that A is excited about it although I know it will be an adjustment for her. I agree with the other can't stop blogging now. I don't post a lot but I love being able to keep up with what you guys are seeing and doing.