Sunday, March 14, 2010

She's Dreading France Now

As A watches our exchange guest struggle to understand English she is starting to freak out about going to France and staying with his family.  In true dramatic fashion she keeps saying "I'm gonna die there".  Unless the family puts her through a death-defying obstacle course I kinda don't think that will happen, and after the stress of this visit, SHE IS GOING.

Yesterday they went ice skating with a few of her friends and their exchange guest.  Ours had never been ice skating before so he liked that.  I then took them to the chippy for dinner (fish and chips shop).

Today it's a Thai lunch and bowling with two other friends and their exchange students.  Our exchange has not even seen H yet due to his work schedule so he'll get to meet him today.  H is going to make a Sunday roast dinner while we are gone.

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