Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gray Day in England

Mad Men Season 3 just began here. In one of the first episodes there is mention of the brand London Fog. The Englishman states that London Fog is a myth, there isn’t fog in London. February is here and Tuesday we had one of those gray days complete with fog that makes people yearn for spring. I ran out for lunch in the spit, that annoying type of rain that’s just enough to mess up your glasses. There was a young woman standing in a closed doorway, must have been on her break. She was layered up as folks do here in the winter, chunky shoes, socks, tights, skirt, sweater, huge scarf, coat, all in drab colors. The only thing visible was her finger tips peeking out of her fingerless gloves and her face. She was smoking a cigarette and reading a book in the spit. Forget the postcards with Big Ben on them, with the gloomy gray weather, she looked the way people expect it to look here.

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