Sunday, January 3, 2010

As Good as Homemade?

Last night we went to London for a belated anniversary dinner. When friends have come to visit they ask for restaurant recommendations in London and I’ve got nothing to offer them. If they don’t want to eat standing up like at the various markets or train stations as I tend to do, I’ve got nothing but just a few places that I’ve personally visited. When we were trying to decide where to eat H wanted to go to one of the one star Michelin restaurants in London. He followed this request with something like I’m not turning into a snob, I’d just like to see presentation, etc. at another fine dining restaurant. That was fine with me. The problem of course was finding a restaurant that was not closed due to the holiday. We finally found a place open for dinner in Mayfair called Wild Honey.

It wasn’t horrible but it left a lot to be desired. The presentation was not particularly nice and in the end, I think we were both surprised that they had attained Michelin status. H had venison, which had a nice flavour. H didn’t like the accompaniment of curly kale. If you closed your eyes and took a bite of the kale, it was okay but the way it was shaped on the platter reminded me of well, it just didn’t look pretty. The presentation of my duck dish was also pretty poor. A on the other hand, enjoyed everything she had. Okay, so maybe we are becoming food snobs...

Even though it was freezing last night it was fun just to get dressed up and go into London and see the Christmas lights together one last time, even if it wasn't as good as what's made right in our own kitchen.

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