Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Christmas

The winter weather has been more severe in the Southeast than usual. There’s a skeleton crew in the office due to the pending holidays and also because of the weather, a lot of people chose to work from home. My day always starts to get hectic about 2pm when America wakes up and Monday was no exception. I had calls back to back to back. As I chatted on the phone, members of the skeleton crew came by one by one to wave goodbye to me as they left for the day. I wasn’t in any hurry since I was taking the tube home and thought I was the safest of all. H called me around 7pm to say that he and A had gone to the grocery store and had been stuck in the car for about 2 hours trying to get home as the snow continued to fall. I joked with him later that if I would have thought quick enough I would have called him back with some awkward conversation topics to hit her with since she was a captive audience. All those things you want to seriously talk to your child about without them being able to exit a room wait for a good snowstorm!

I headed to the station around 7:30pm and service was suspended. H had told me that I better call the B&B to see if they had a room available for the night. I called and found out that L was stuck in a neighbouring village after sitting in traffic for three hours and that P had had numerous knocks on the door from people looking for rooms. L told me to go on to the house though if I needed to. They would find a place for me. I appreciated the gesture but I just wanted to be home. What’s crazy is that the train journey is eight minutes long but to walk that would probably be at least two hours in good weather. At the last minute they decided to send one train down to London before service was cancelled. We all cheered as we boarded the train. I think I got home a little before 10pm and was so happy to be there.

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