Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random Food Stuff

Want the secret to weight loss? Work five days a week for at least 15 hours a day in a kitchen. H is becoming the incredible shrinking man, which makes me wonder, are they hiring? :)

Recently I read an article in one of the London commuter papers that said that the number one job that people would consider if making a career change was cooking. Now, this survey was conducted at a grocery store so I think their sample might be a little skewed. But watching someone go through that very change makes me think that all of the cooking competitions and the reality shows on television give an unrealistic view of the life of a chef.

H has been making bread at home practicing for work. We’ve both been reading Richard Bertinet’s books about breadmaking. H tried Bertinet’s techniques and said it’s a workout. If you make the bread his way you could probably eat all you wanted. The bread is delicious but even if I never ate a bite, that smell throughout the house is heavenly.

Here’s a new favourite recipe that I tried last weekend. I’m always looking for a good one pot meal and this was great over couscous.

Through blogger I stumbled upon this blog written by an American chef living in Australia. His pics are absolutely gorgeous and the posts are very interesting. If you’re into cooking, check it out.

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Poodlebugz said...

I agree with the "secret to weight loss" is working in food service! I lost 18 pounds during my small stint in culinary school...mainly by being on my feet 12+ hours a day.

And, I find it hysterically funny when people say they want to open a restaurant so they can "have a place where my friends can come and hang out and have a good meal."

Although, that being said, I still wouldn't mind having a little old ladies-type tea room of my own!

I'm such a hypocrite!