Sunday, November 15, 2009

Went for Customer Service and Got Harassed Instead

A teenager’s cell phone is their lifeline. Little talking happens on it, it’s all about the text messages. A’s is acting up but she is not willing to let it go to get it fixed. So when she came home last week with yet another problem I insisted we take it to the store in the village and see about getting a replacement that the insurance includes. My only goal on Saturday was to get that sorted out and get some stronger cold medicine so I could die on the couch without the pressures of work.

On a side note, A has a massive crush on Rupert Grint. All of her friends just say, “Eww, he’s ginger” when she has mentioned it. They make red hair the equivalent of an eye in the middle of someone’s forehead.

We march into the cell phone store and start getting assistance from a guy who looks like he’s about 19. As we tell him what the problems are and he gathers the telephone number for us to order the replacement, he starts asking A questions. “So you like Rupert huh? He’s ginger (with a look of disgust on his face). You like him more than Harry Potter?” A turns beet red. He keeps on with the comments. As we walk out of the store he practically yells to her “You’re gonna lose your Rupert pictures when you get your new phone” which makes one of the other clerks snicker.

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Poodlebugz said...

Tell A that the phone store clerk was just a goober head! Seriously! I think Rupert is way cute...he kind of reminds me of my first crush, which was on a red-headed boy...about a million years ago.