Sunday, November 15, 2009

Duran Duran

The BBC had Duran Duran night recently and this weekend I caught up on some of the programming. Duran Duran didn’t have the hold on all of America as they did in their home country, but they did have a hold on me and my best friend. C’s and my bedroom wall were covered with pictures of our favourite band. As I watched the programs all I kept thinking about was how much we would have loved these documentaries back in the day. I felt 14 all over again.

A came in the room as I was watching one of the shows and she got that look on her face when she sees something “old” on the television that doesn’t interest her. I told her that she should appreciate the fact that I take her to concerts. When I was 14 Duran Duran came to Chicago for their biggest tour and no one would drive us into the city to go see them. I explained to her that back then you had to go wait at a ticket outlet in line for tickets (oh how the world has changed). I thought at that point in my life that having a brother that was almost 8 years older than me would be a benefit but when I asked him if he would take us to the show he told me that he wouldn’t go see Duran Duran if they were playing across the street, in fact he would call the police on them for disturbing the peace. A thought this was hilarious but I remember bursting into tears at this answer. Well, just four days before the concert brother S fell in love with the woman who would later be his wife. She told him that she wouldn’t mind going to see Duran Duran if there were still tickets so four days before the show my mom drove me to the ticket outlet and we picked up four of the worst tickets available for the show at the Rosemont Horizon. We didn’t care though, we screamed through the whole show.

My best friend C and I would see Duran Duran two more times after that glorious evening. We saw them as they declined in popularity once again in Chicago in the late 80s, and then we saw them a few years ago in Louisville during their comeback tour. I remember as we were parking the car in Louisville we saw this steady stream of older women heading to the venue and I remember saying to C, man look at all the older fans, they look so old! It was a bit like the reveal moment in an episode of The Twilight Zone as I realized those women were my contemporaries and I looked just like them!


Pam said...

I love it. I too was a huge D2 fan. I think I have all their albums - even the later ones. I last saw them at UIC for their Notorious tour. Good times!

J said...

Pam, I think we may have been at the same show! The second time we saw them it was at UIC.

Danielle said...

That reveal moment is painful. Mine was at the STL zoo. I kept thinking there were so many couples with kids that looked way too young. Then reality hit and I saw they were in mid 20s or so.