Friday, November 27, 2009

I Made David Laugh...

and I think it was genuine, not a courtesy laugh.  At a BBC Radio recording last weekend called Meet David Sedaris I sat and listened to David signing books and chatting with the rest of the audience members who stayed behind to get books signed. He was talking about an upcoming flight to Australia and how the reason you have a layover in Hong Kong when you fly to Australia is because there is NOTHING to buy in Australia. He said something like, “Think about it, what do they make there? Ugg boots and Speedos? The thought of those”. And my response was, “And worse yet, think about them worn together”. After sitting for almost an hour and a half while this man made me laugh out loud repeatedly, it felt pretty good to give him a tiny chuckle.

My friend N from the B&B who moved to New Zealand is here for several weeks and he and his girlfriend went with. They thoroughly enjoyed the recording.

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