Sunday, September 6, 2009

That Machine

I mentioned that the house that we just moved into has one machine in the kitchen that is a washer/dryer combo and just as I suspected, I hate it! The washing part is good but the drying part, well, it doesn’t really dry, it steams. Things come out not quite dry and smelling kinda funny. It’s also very small.

We do have a way to hang clothes out outside, so I do that as often as possible, but that relies on nice weather. About a month ago, it was sunny and I put some clothes out on a Sunday afternoon and then headed to the grocery store. When I got to the grocery store, I was walking towards the building when the wind kicked up and I looked at the sky and it looked like rain was inevitable. I felt like I was in the middle of a disaster movie because my first thought was, the clothes outside! Cue me running back to the car, driving like a maniac back to the house screaming the whole way, it’s gonna rain! Getting home to tear the laundry off of the line and take it inside to safety. Dramatic? Yes, and not the way I want to feel about laundry. I fought the urge of course, went in the store, and came home to clothes that were soaked and on the line in the rain.

As I type this, it’s Sunday morning, and I’m drinking my coffee looking at the weather forecast which is predicting 70% precipitation today. I’m missing my dryer.

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Anonymous said...

I do feel for you...when my dryer broke I ended up airdrying all but the towels and hauled those to the laundrymat. This lasted about three years.

But I also envy you for having a place to hang clothes on the line. I know not everyone enjoys them; but to me, nothing beats the feeling and the scent of sheets that dried outside.

If you end up using a laundry rack...don't get a wooden one. It could stain your clothes a bit.