Sunday, September 6, 2009

The One Where I Witness Foul Play

A few weeks ago I was leaving work late. Standing in the parking lot waiting for H to pick me up, I noticed four lads climbing up the side of a pub close by that recently closed. Not knowing what they were up to I went back up to my office which has a good view of the pub roof. I was able to see them crouched down pulling something off the roof. I realized I didn’t know what to do. It didn’t seem quite an emergency, so who do I call? The cleaning crew was still in the building so I asked one of them to come take a look. She immediately called the police, and while she was on the phone describing the action and the location, I looked out my other office window and was able with my zoom lens on my camera, to get a good picture of their faces, which we turned into the police. Turns out they were pulling lead off of the top of the building and this was one of about five burglaries of this kind in the area.

The police called me the next week to come by and get a statement. They said that with the picture, one of the kids quickly confessed and pointed the finger at a friend as well. I get teased for always having my camera at the ready, but was glad in this case to have it close by!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Detective Brisco would have been pleased with your willingness to get involved. Good Job!