Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tea Room

As you can imagine, if there is one place to get a drink on the whole island, on a busy tourist day, it will be packed with people so we had to sit inside. We stopped on our way back to the ferry. It had a real hippy feel to it that had me imagining (wildly at times, anyone seen the original version of the film The Wicker Man?) what kind of life the folks who lived here had. As A sat their glum, probably wishing she was an orphan, the guy that lived their passed her with a baby on his hip and said to her, “Cheer up, it could be raining”. I had to laugh, which would have angered her that a perfect stranger was moved to comment on the look on her face. H and I ordered some coffee and the special, a slice of lemon cheesecake. The cheesecake also had a hippy feel to it, with very little sugar in it, but there was something odd about it that I liked.

What would it be like living on an almost empty island? On such a beautiful day it seemed like heaven but in the middle of winter with the wind, it might just be something else.

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Michelle said...

i love this place!