Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Salmon Factory

We should have planned better. We were really hoping to fish while we were up in Scotland but for a few reasons it didn’t happen. We will have to plan another visit there with that as the main activity. We did visit a smoked salmon factory and picked up a sample. A could care less about how salmon was smoked so she just stood at the end of the exhibit next to this statue of the local ghost. I made her take a picture next to it and I don’t know what was more chilling, her look at me as I was taking it, or the ghost.
I believe I have mentioned before that one of my favourite on-the-go sandwiches they sell at Marks & Spencer is the Scottish Smoked Salmon sandwich so I was able to make my own for the road trip home. If only I would have had oatmeal bread it would have been perfect!

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