Saturday, July 11, 2009

Save Some Face, You Know You've Only Got One

After a very stressful shopping incident, I wasn’t in the mood to get back out and about last Sunday, but I’d been looking forward to taking A with me to see The Killers at Royal Albert Hall. I saw them at this same venue back in November when I covered them for a website. This time it was strictly for pleasure. The band is filming a DVD so they performed two nights at this venue. It was a perfect evening at a beautiful venue, complete with fireworks during the encore. We were completely soaked in sweat by the end of the show. It was so hot in there! i got myself a tour toothbrush! You don't see those very often. As we travelled back to our village, we ran into fans coming from the Kanye West concert in Hyde Park and the Take That concert at Wembley so it was a busy night for concertgoers.

Little did I know the most exciting moment of the evening for A was yet to come. We took a different train into London than usual and as we stood at the platform at Marylebone station to go home, A spotted an actor from her favourite British show, Britannia High. Brittania High is like the American show Fame, but set in a London Performing Arts school, and this version is very G-rated. I don’t think it got renewed for a new season, but it was a big hit with her and some of her friends. She had the perfect opportunity to sit by him when we got on the train, but she chickened out. She asked me if I would go up and ask him if she could take a picture with him. I did talk to him for a minute and got confirmation that he was who she thought he was but because of the look on his face and the amount of people on the train, I didn’t ask for a photograph. So for the rest of the train journey she kept turning around and watching him and reporting back that he was still on the train. I asked her, where is he going to go? He’s on a moving train. Is he going to jump out the window to escape you, the super fan?

After we got home she excitedly told H that she saw a celebrity and in his very skeptical tone he replied, "Sure you did". He never believes a celebrity sighting story! The worst part for us was that A decided to have a Brittania High marathon on Monday evening. It's just not good. Hahaha.

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