Sunday, July 12, 2009

Music Recommendation

Scotland seems to be the theme in our lives lately. I’ve been watching coverage of T in the Park Festival this weekend from Scotland. Last week I had a long conversation with a customer who relocated from Scotland to Kent. She told me how liberating it is being from Scotland compared to England because your class is not as obvious in your accent as it is in England. We’re planning to drive up to Scotland in a few weeks for a vacation when A is finally out of school and I can’t wait. So it only seems appropriate to talk about Franz Ferdinand. Scottish band Franz Ferdinand got a lot of press in 2004 with their debut record. In 2009 they released their third record proving they have some longevity. Here are some links to Franz Ferdinand-related items:

Interview on Sound Opinions – I still regularly listen to this podcast of Chicago Public Radio’s rock and roll talk show.

Sound Bites – Lead singer Alex Kapranos wrote a series of articles for The Guardian newspaper in the UK when they were touring. He used to work in kitchens so he has an interesting take on food around the world. It’s a quick read and good for short attention spans like my own.

No You Girls – Single off of their latest record, a good mixture of dance and guitar music.

If you’re interested in seeing some T in the Park Festival coverage, check out the BBC website as well as YouTube. It’s the biggest music festival in Scotland with a stellar lineup this year (including Franz Ferdinand).

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