Saturday, July 18, 2009

The New Place

The house we moved into has a finished attic that the owner used as an office. It has a ½ bath attached. It reminds me a bit of our house in St. Louise because H and I had a room in the very upstairs that was away from the rest of the house. We gave A this room thinking maybe all of her bathroom stuff would move out of our way! She loves it. When we started moving in she came down the stairs and jokingly said, “This time I’m the queen of the castle”. Was that ever in question?

At dinner Monday night A was asking us if someone was going to pick her up from school Tuesday. H played serious and said to A that no, we wouldn’t be picking her up. She got all anxious as she tends to do and said that she didn’t know how to walk to the new place from school. H just smiled and said, “Yeah, we know”. It took her a moment to get the joke.

The only difficult part of the move is that the refrigerator stopped working the day we moved in. The new fridge arrives today.

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