Friday, July 17, 2009

Moving House - Again

My buddy K in the U.S. moved last weekend. It’s funny that we find ourselves moving at the same time because she and I left St. Louis around the same time two years ago for greener pastures. For her, the move is significant. It’s definitely the next chapter, owning her first home and having her first child. I’ve been thinking about her as we have planned for our move, which had a different feel. H asked me why I was so annoyed with having to move. It was inevitable, we had no choice, but I was digging in my heels. I started a new job last week with the same company so this move was that extra bit of change that was about to push me over the edge. I took Monday through Wednesday off to help with the move, and I just didn’t feel like I should be taking the time at that moment either.

Funny though, as soon as we arrived to pick up the keys from the owner on Monday and I walked into the house, I felt completely different about it. The space is brighter and more open. I could see us having people over for brunch in this house. As I sit here in the new living room drinking my morning coffee, it feels like home.

P.S. I was asking folks at work for a moving company recommendation to help with the big stuff. When they talk about moving things from house to house they call that a removal which kept throwing me. Yes, remove the stuff from one house but I do want it at the new!

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