Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You Always Hurt the One You Love

It’s officially been a year since H and A got to England. And when backed into a corner, A throws out the “I hate England” among other things as she did this week in an act of defiance. It always upsets me. When talking to one of her teachers I mentioned this and she very calmly said, “Well of course she says that to you, that’s an easy one, isn’t it?” I think I needed to hear that today. It took the sting right out of it.

I feel like I’ve been living this episode of Roseanne these days. It seemed a heck of a lot funnier when it was just a tv show! I guess I can find solace in the fact that enough people could relate to it to make it good tv.

It’s funny, when kids are small the line between you and them isn’t clear. There are days now that I feel like there’s a chasm between us, and it’s new and uncomfortable.

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