Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Contradiction

I spent the day in Shepherd’s Bush on Saturday. Not what I expected to do but A. thought that she and her buddy were going to go off to West London alone without supervision to a mall that none of us have been to to meet a friend from camp. After reaching our destination, I walked around and found that the people that live in Shepherd’s Bush probably don’t shop in the new mall which has all of the top designers and a champagne bar in the middle. Here are some pics that show both sides of the area. The economy looks alive and well in Westfield Centre.

A funny, my nephews love the clothing store Hollister. I’ve only been in the store in the U.S. once after my sister-in-law told me I must experience it. The music is loud and it’s dark with random spotlights, like a nightclub. We are obviously not the target audience. Having that image in my mind, I thought it was funny to see the Hollister store (yes, they’ve gone global) with a velvet rope and a lengthy line outside as kids queued up to get in.


Anonymous said...

My laptop has been in and out of the shop and I am behind on the blog here. Anyway, the bit about Hollister made me think of this song. Couldn't find the official video (if there is one) so this will have to do. Cheers, KH in STL.

Poodlebugz said...

The Traditional Pie, Mash, Liquor & Eels shop looks very interesting...wonder if they combine all those ingredients into 1 pie? hahaha!