Saturday, May 30, 2009

Went Missing

Yes, I'm a nerd. To be more specific a word nerd. I listen to a podcast by someone called Grammar Girl and was catching up on some old episodes and thought Americans being annoyed by the phrase "went missing" was funny. I guess I have heard it so much I hadn't noticed it. You can read about it from this link.

I was in a meeting early this week where one of my co-workers, in one of those I'm joking but I'm not tones had to remind me and everyone in the room that Americans are loud. They then turned to me and said that if I wanted I could share a disparaging remark about the English. I didn't of course, but I could have mentioned that there are a bunch of people in the colonies being subjected to "went missing" and they're not gonna take it anymore.


Jamey said...

I too am an American living in the UK and although I've picked up quite a few colloquialisms, there are a few words and phrases that I refuse to use. I won't say "shed-ule" or "maths" and I still have not dropped "the" in front of hospital. Now that you and Grammar Girl brought "went missing" to my attention, I'm sure it will grate nicely on my nerves.

great blog!

J said...

Thanks Jamey! I won't say "shed-ule" either. :)