Saturday, May 30, 2009

St. Albans

This past Monday was Memorial Day in the U.S. and a Bank Holiday Monday. The weather was stunning and A was refusing to leave the house. I had been wanting to visit St. Albans which is just a short drive away and see the cathedral and Roman ruins. I had to bait her with shopping to get her interested. Because of the weather EVERYONE seemed to be out and parking spaces were sparse. In between a look through the shops we walked through the cathedral. We really had a nice day but what struck me is how different things are now that she is a teenager. We had these moments of conversation that were nothing but laughter and good times but then each of us would veer off into topics that took us to the brink of drama. For her it was me mentioning school and for me it was her thinking she’s going to go travel to America alone to visit her friends.

We will have to go back another day to see the Roman ruins. It was swimming with people and no parking anywhere. Even I wasn’t up for that. One of my work colleagues lives there and he said that basically all that is left of the Roman theatre there is one pillar but it is presented very well!

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