Sunday, May 17, 2009

Parc Güell

Our next stop was Parc Güell, another Gaudi masterpiece. The park was packed with locals and tourists. We listened to some musicians and had lunch outside at the top. The music wasn't so good but the musicians were very photogenic. Meg started talking to a table of three men next to us from the Brighton area who she had asked to take our picture. They were curious as to why she had picked Barcelona for a European destination. They were actually a party of four but one of their friends wasn’t interested in “cultural things” so they planned to meet him at the airport the next day when it was time to leave. I think we could have spent the entire day at the park. There was lots of good people watching, the sun was shining, and the outdoor café served sangria. What more did anyone need? But alas, we moved on.

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