Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Menu

Since I had a few requests, I thought I’d post the menu from our meal at La Becasse. We picked the “surprise” menu which meant we were asked if we had any dislikes or allergies and then the chef added some special courses to the tasting menu. I’ve never tried foie gras before but H has been cooking with it at school. I didn’t think I would like it myself but the foie gras on the Wood Pigeon dish was really delicious. Usually when I read a menu and I see goat’s cheese listed as an ingredient I usually stop reading and order whatever it is. I wasn’t disappointed in that course, in fact, I’ve been wondering how I could try and get close to recreating it, although even if I got close to the taste, I would never get to the presentation. The carrot sorbet in the last course was unbelievably good!

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Poodlebugz said...

Thank you! I really was interested in what you ate at La Becasse, because it sounded so interesting.