Sunday, November 9, 2008

Underground Edinburgh

Since it was Halloween when we were in Edinburgh and A was lamenting about missing any kind of celebration, I went in search of something spooky. We chose a tour of the underground vaults in Edinburgh. On this particular tour, the tour guide told us ghost stories, and in the pitch black of the vaults, I must admit, it freaked me out a little. H pointed out afterwards that although the tour guide said that they didn’t resort to such scare tactics as having people jump out and scare us, she didn’t have any problems screaming at the top of her lungs to scare us. At one point early in the tour, she was telling a story that culminated in her blood-curdling scream which caused me (and only me) to scream just as loud, which had A in hysterics afterwards. I was a bit embarrassed. I wanted to stay in the dark and avoid everyone laughing at me for getting so scared. While it was slightly cheesy, it was a lot of fun, and A’s favorite part of our trip. Be sure to check out this Wikipedia link which gives a brief history of the vaults.

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