Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Chilterns

It started out like any other day. H suggested we drive to the next village, go on a long walk and then do the week’s shopping. I was all for it since the weekend weather was nice once again. Begrudgingly A. said fine as long as she had her iPod. We had a map from one of the local walking societies, so we started out on what was to be an 8.5 mile walk over the hills and through the woods.

Let’s just say the map wasn’t very clear…to us! It had directions with it and H would read the next direction on the map and there would be at least five words we didn’t understand. We didn’t get lost but the walk was much longer than we anticipated. A even got teary-eyed at one point in between her moaning, afraid we were lost. I just laughed at the prospect. As someone at work said to me, “This is England. Walk a few miles and you’ll hit a motorway in any direction”. When walking up some of the tough hills I would say “help” to A in my most Southern accent, stretching the word into two syllables, but all I got was the teenage glare. Four hours later we were at the grocery store just in time for them to turn us away since all of them close at 4 on Sundays.

As you can see from the pictures, the scenery was beautiful. I’m ready to do it again next weekend. We would probably have to hypnotize A to get her going again.

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