Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh It's Been Awhile

It’s been awhile so I’ll just make a list of the highlights.

1.       A. turned 16, got her permit and so now every time we leave the house she turns to me with an energetic smile and says, “Can I drive?!”  I can’t believe the progress she’s made since that first drive around the neighborhood that didn’t hit fifteen miles an hour until the very end.

2.       A. went to her first semi-formal dance and had to sew straps on her strapless dress to match the dress code because we all know that two pieces of ribbon it the fine line between modesty and whatever the opposite of modesty is.

3.       I took the summer off from exercise and now I’m paying, big time.  Here I go starting over.

4.       I’ve completed my script outline, and have moved on to writing the first fifteen pages of the script.  The actual dialogue writing is hard!

5.       The fall colors are just amazing!  More on that later.

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