Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Staycation Just Ain't Happening

After the road trip and a few days back home, I took A and J to the airport. They weren’t on the same flights but both of them were flying to Singapore to meet J’s mom and boyfriend, and J’s three brothers. A didn’t sleep a wink the night before. After getting J checked in and in the security line, I got A down to where she needed to be and got her checked in. I was trying to make her answer all the questions the airline agent was asking to start preparing her for getting herself to her connections through San Francisco and Tokyo. We got to the security line and she burst into tears from fear. It might have been fear but I also think she was just exhausted. She called me when she was on the flight to Tokyo and since then the cell phone has been turned off.

After Singapore they will be on to Malaysia and then sailing through some islands to Thailand. I got an email from J’s mom today saying they’ve been jet skiing, parasailing, night diving, and scuba diving and A has been game to do it all.

Here back at the ranch we were hoping to have a staycation after we dismissed ideas of travelling ourselves because of work schedules. Basically the two of us are working opposite schedules and on top of it we’ve both gone through a round of a very nasty cold so the anticipation of this time to ourselves has turned out to be better than the actual time. Oh well, at least one of us is having fun.

My friend T did invite me yesterday to take a drive to Mirror Lake while H was at work. It was absolutely gorgeous and at least twenty degrees cooler than back home due to the altitude I suppose. As she and I were driving up there I was getting so light-headed. When we got to the highest peak, we were at 11,000 feet and I truly thought I was going to throw up. I guess it was a mixture of not eating and altitude. I had no idea that could happen. But as you can see the surroundings were stunning.

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