Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pride in the SLC

Fab morning in Salt Lake City, it went from being too unseasonably cold for me to handle it to being downright hot today. It was A’s first Pride Parade and once again a good time was had by all.

We saw Grand Marshall Roseanne Barr – check

A. saw one of her best friends marching and ran out to hug him - check

We saw a load of drag queens with muscles – check

We saw some great signage – check

A lone bagpiper playing Do Ya Think I’m Sexy - check

We heard GaGa’s Born This Way at least twice, and once as a group of guys in camouflage twirled batons – check

It was great to see Roseanne. She grew up in SLC and her brother was being recognized for his charity work this weekend. While she has done some wacky things I think the early days of Roseanne were brilliant. I will sit down and watch some of those early episodes whenever I catch them on. She told reporters that she was so happy to come back to SLC and find it being a lot more accepting of diversity.

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