Monday, June 13, 2011

Parade Days

I’m sure you’ve gotten the gist here or from other outlets that the Mormon families are pretty wholesome. There are things about their activities that feel very old timey to me, like for example, they LOVE a parade.

When I was leaving work on Thursday I noticed that tarps, blankets, and lawn chairs had started to line the streets of this particular town. I found out from some locals that it was carnival and parade time, woohoo! While it is kinda cool that everyone participates because they still have a collective experience which is becoming not so common in every day American life, it makes me think evil thoughts. Friday morning there were even more place settings by the side of the road. I was thinking what fun it might be to rent a big U-Haul truck and drive through the town at 3am scooping up all the blankets, tarps, and chairs. It would teach them to be so trustworthy that their stuff was safe! Man, suddenly I feel like the Grinch in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and I imagine they would act just like the Who’s and enjoy themselves anyway.

Speaking of evil thoughts, when we were having the carpets cleaned at the rental house, we were trying to get this sheepskin rug cleaned as well and the carpet cleaner wouldn’t touch it for fear of damaging it. So I called around and found a specialty leather and fur place. The conversation went something like this:

Me – Do you clean sheepskin rugs?

Store – Yes.

Me – About how much would that cost?

Store – Well we charge by the skin so you should flip it over and count the number of seams.

Me – I think it’s just one, oh no I’ve flipped it over and there’s actually four.

Store – So you have a four skin rug, that will cost …

That last line was said straight. I had to hurry the conversation along so I could get off the phone to laugh.

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